Why should you work with us?

  • personal service

    you have a dedicated account director who will work with you throughout, from start to finish. We aim to build relationships and hopefully do future business with you so we aim to build long term partnerships not do one-off events.

  • flexibility

    being a small business, we can afford to be flexible and work with you in a way that suits you.

  • expertise

    using our expertise will ultimately save you time, effort and money.Extensive knowledge of venues, suppliers, operations and caveats means that we can offer you optimum solutions quickly.

  • attention to every detail

    we think of everything – because we have the time, the experience and the knowledge. And that is the difference between a good event and a memorable event!

  • value

    we can offer you great value because we are small and specialised. Unlike a large agency or business, we do not have huge overheads, a massive payroll or a fleet of expensive company cars to run – we just concentrate on delivering services to you at very competitive rates.

  • a partnership approach

    the key to success is working together – and that is how we like to work. We consult with you, liaise with you and feed back to you at every step – so you always know what is happening, and we listen to you and make sure we understand what your objectives are so we can make them ours and help you to deliver them.

AW Events