How do we operate?

We work with you, as part of your team or as an extension of your office, to help you deliver the results you want. You dictate how much help you require and which of the following services and activities you need from us:

  • Consultation

    • Discuss your objectives
    • Review the brief
    • Research/ feasibility study
    • Conduct venue research
    • Conduct membership/audience surveys
    • Investigate other potential conflicting/competitive events
    • Prepare a budget and breakeven analysis

  • Marketing

    • Database research and management
    • Marketing plan
    • Design and management of conference website or web pages
    • Design and production of communication pieces (incl. brochures, teasers, e-mail broadcasts, web messages)
    • Distribution
    • Telesales/ follow up calls
  • Delivery

    • Venue management
    • Speaker procurement, liaison and management
    • Sponsor procurement, liaison and delivery of benefits
    • Exhibition management
    • Supplier negotiation, confirmation and liaison
    • Delegate response management (incl payment processing, confirmation letters, invoices/receipts, joining instructions, accommodation bookings etc)
    • Reporting
    • Social programme arrangements (including venue, entertainment, theming, invitations etc)
    • Partner programmes/pre- & post-conference tours

  • Reconciliation & washing-up

    • Budget reconciliation
    • Final reporting & debrief
    • Evaluation analysis

…and how we charge…

Ali Wrighton Events operates on a consultancy fee basis, charging you for our time, which we track and measure per project. We can charge hourly or daily rates and you are welcome to audit our time-sheets at any time.

Alternatively we are happy to quote a fee per project, based on an estimate of time, provided we have a full detailed brief at the outset. Any additional requests or amends to the brief may be subject to a fee surcharge.

We operate an open-book accounting system and all supplier costs are charged to you at net and, where possible, we ask that suppliers invoice you directly so we do not need to request large deposits from you in advance to pay supplier costs.

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